EU Policy and Regulatory Relations

The European Union regulatory regime is one of the most progressive in the world in terms of consumer and environmental protections and therefore is considered a global trendsetter. It is crucial for enterprises interested in conducting business in any European country to understand and follow these policies. To assuage their concerns, we advise our clients on the main regulatory and policy questions as well as developments, and ensure that these aspects are part of any discussion with key stakeholders. The regulatory environment in the European Union is challenging not only because of the complicated structure of the EU institutions and their working processes, but also because of the wide range of stakeholders from the 27 countries that make up the EU. While there are clearly stronger players among them, these days regulation frequently depends on alliances of smaller countries, especially those member states in the east of the Union. We have a deep understanding of such issues and a network of experts to help you navigate through the most challenging aspects of the EU.