Rothman & Roman Group

Strategic communications and content development

We are an independent, international strategic communications company with an extensive network of award-winning affiliates in Europe, where we communicate with our stakeholders in 18 local languages. We also operate practises in North America and in Asia. In supporting our clients our objective is to strengthen their market position and enable them to grow their business overseas.

Rothman & Roman is an independent, management-owned company with an extensive network in Europe, where we communicate with our stakeholders in 18 local languages, including in the fastest-growing markets of Central & Eastern Europe, oftentimes referred to as “new Europe.” We also operate practices in the US and Asia.

Our regional affiliate in Europe, Uniomedia Group, is highly respected and renowned for its regional expertise in content and stakeholder management and provides a single point of contact for the whole region, with a senior multilingual in-house staff in 14 Central- and South Eastern European countries.

Our long-standing relationships with our clients and the numerous international awards we have received are a testament to our expertise in both stakeholder communications and content creation. We are fully qualified to provide your global business with international regulatory and market analysis, monitoring, and market access strategies.

We develop communication strategies, produce creative content pieces and tell powerful stories that have a strong and immediate impact on consumers, customers and stakeholders. Our aim is to strengthen our clients’ market position and grow their business.

The first practice in our network has been serving clients since 2007. We support our clients with our content factory approach, which encompasses data analysts and multi-channel content developers. Moreover, our extensive team of senior consultants speaks 18 European languages.

We are solution focused, our approach data- and analysis driven. Based on a thorough analysis of your present status and future objectives, we create a bullet-proof action plan that aims to exceed your expectations. From devising strategy to project execution, our specialists have been serving many of our clients for over a decade.


Our Expertise

Our strategists, policy advisors, marketing and content specialists in 20 countries serve our clients within four service areas. Read about our fields of expertise and our approach, both of which we’ve outlined below.